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My Own Family

Dasar pelupa, Sebenarnya tulisan ini ingin dimulai dengan tanggal pernihakan yang baru berlangsung beberapa bulan yang lalu, tapi ya itu, dasar pelupa, tanggalnya pun tak ingat. Untung nama istri-nya masih ingat, karena setiap hari, beliau hanya dipanggil abun. Yah..akhirnya setelah sekian lama, kami saya  pun menikah.

I have my own family right now, with a cute wife and very small home i started it. at least i already have a place that call HOME, a place that there is always be a someone waiting me for going back, and a place that i can mess up without somebody complaining it.

Actually, Build a family is not scary as i though before, it was fun of course in the beginning. But just like another thing that you have to mix, it was always be a mess for a while until you find out the exact formula to blend it. especially in this case which have two different character. But just believe that finally you will have a good formula for it.

everyone said that this is new, just started in a few month, and family is about a lifetime, it doesn’t have a limited time, maybe in a generation. And there are more obstacle that standing in this way, but at least we already started a human habit, which is to continue a humanity. About obstacle, it is another case, and just like a case, it must has a solution.

may god bless my family


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